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Are you ready to turn that innovative idea into a startup or add tech strategies to your existing business?

With session active now until April 28, 2018, the Development Corporation of Columbia Heights in partnership with Drs. Legand Burge and Grant Warner of Howard University, College of Engineering and Architecture, will actively engage and challenge course attendees with an immersive entrepreneurship curriculum that is evidence- based, fast-paced, and demanding. No reading textbooks, case studies or developing papers! Participants are inspired to interact with industry and focus on developing a business. Teams will be prepared and equipped to “think outside the box”. No answers are found in the lab or the office - the answers are in the market place shaped by the consumer.

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The curriculum will walk participants through the Lean Startup process, but will be structured as workshops. Participants will work on the details of their business model during each session. We currently have 5 sessions planned on Saturdays from 10am – 12:30pm. The workshops are stand alone so entrepreneurs can select which class might be most beneficial to them