On February 16th of 2016, Howard University selected as the operator of its “Inclusive Innovation Incubator” the team consisting of Luma Lab and the Development Corporation of Columbia Heights.  This technology innovation incubator is focused on serving scalable companies founded by entrepreneurs typically underrepresented in the industry.  It will offer co-working space at reduced rents, trainings, entrepreneur investment opportunities, branding assistance and other technical assistance. 

 “Technology is not only being used to disrupt industries, it’s reducing the barriers of entry for new entrants,” said DCCH President & CEO, André Byers.  “This is good news for all people who otherwise would not have the resources to bring their ideas, products, and/or services to market.  Recognizing this unique window of opportunity in time, DCCH is committed to equipping individuals with the tools needed to effectively use technology, build technology, and join DC’s growing innovation ecosystem.”

The incubator is expected to launch in the Fall of 2016, with the possibility of early training programs put on by the Development Corporation of Columbia Heights and its partners.  If you are interested in being contacted when opportunities arise, please visit or call 202.483.4986.