(Washington, DC) – On April 11th of 2017, the DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) awarded four buildings in the historic neighborhood of Anacostia to the Development Corporation of Columbia Heights (DCCH) for redevelopment.  The properties will be renovated into affordable, single-family housing for families at 80% and 50% AMI and include the following addresses: 1220 Maple View Place SE, 1648 U Street SE, 1518 W Street SE and 1326 Valley Place SE.

DCCH President & CEO, Andre Byers, noted “The Development Corporation of Columbia Heights has a long history of pursuing projects meant to advance the socio-economic status of low- to moderate-income families.  This country’s fundamental concept of equal opportunity fails in the face of the widening gap between DC’s rich and poor, but projects like this help to reduce the wealth gap and we are proud to be a small part of the solution.” 

In an effort to bring some of the area’s most experienced and forward-thinking professionals onto the project, DCCH tapped Howard University’s Department of Architecture to serve as the project’s architect.  Two of the participating professors having previously served on DC’s Historic Preservation Review Board and all four participating Howard University professors will utilize this project to help train Howard students interested in community development.  For more information regarding this project, please visit or call 202.483.4986.