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DCCH's Business Development Division offers support services and technical assistance designed to expand the capacities of small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Columbia Heights area. 

A deep understanding

of small business

and what success looks like in a modern world


With guidance and strategy, we help small businesses in Columbia Heights find their footing and their success.

The DCCH Business Development Division assists small businesses by:

  • Monitoring and relaying to businesses the needs and wants of the community

  • Assessing marketing opportunities and target markets

  • Improving the facades of local businesses

  • Assisting entrepreneurs with their business model design

  • Focusing on community revitalization

  • Working to nurture a dynamic economic climate for small and aspiring businesses.



DCCH initiatives have generated increased employment, scores of small business success stories and fiscal investment in major retail development projects.

We understand the importance of local, small and minority businesses and the roles they play in providing economic resources to the community. From creating new jobs for DC residents and offering additional resources for consumers, it is small business that drives the local economy, and by extension, the national economy.


It is with great pride and care that DCCH's Business Development Division assists local, small and minority businesses in Columbia Heights. We keep a finger on the pulse of the community through surveys and meetings with Columbia Heights residents and entrepreneurs. We understand the landscape of running a business in the District, and offer the right guidance at the right time to help you be successful with yours.

Contact us to find out how we can help you get your new business idea off the ground, increase your existing revenues and better serve the community.

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