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DCCH works with the Department of Housing and Community Development and small business owners to reclaim and restore  exteriors, whether it's a single storefront or an entire neighborhood block. 
We use our expertise to deliver a balance for the community and revitalization for existing businesses.


long-loved buildings

for a longer life

Acting as general contractor or developer, we deliver expertise that benefits the community.

DCCH helps facilitate façade improvements through a grant program from the DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). Projects are designed to enhance both the image and the economic viability of the neighborhood, creating a modern design and helping to spur investment and use.


In one recent example, the 1400 block of Park Road was suffering from deteriorating storefronts that belied the quality of the retail owners and restauranteurs inside. 


DCCH partnered with DHCD to manage a $650,000 project of façade improvements along the block, working with store and building owners to give new life to the storefront facades.


Now, along the block of Park Road as well as the Lower Georgia Avenue Corridor, residents and business owners are proud to see the steady revitalization of neighborhood storefronts.


Rendering of the work prior to the façade project along the lower Georgia Avenue corridor.

DCCH has completed 10 façade projects on Park Road and is currently managing 23 additional façade projects on lower Georgia Avenue.

DCCH has experience managing the process of obtaining grant money, acting as the lead developer on the improvement project, and facilitating the effective delivery of communications to residents, businesses and government agencies.


An updated, modernized block that helps local business owners reach a local audience, and the community see improvements.


Great Streets guidance and experience

DCCH provides full spectrum of assistance for those applying to Great Streets grants, offering preliminary architectural planning, working with a general contractor on scope of work, and construction cost estimates for the application.


We have assisted over 50 applicants since DC's Great Streets program started.


A rendering of façade improvements along the 1400 block of Park Road in Columbia Heights. The $650,000 project helped local businesses modernize their buildings.

DCCH believes in the power of façade improvements to help local businesses stay up-to-date and modern, without the need for major redevelopment that can change the character of a neighborhood. These projects help local businesses with marketing, design (including historic preservation), construction and completion elements. 

A great partnership with DHCD

DCCH is proud to partner with the DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) as a Community Based Non-Profit Organization (CBO) to provide business support services to small and retail businesses in eligible commercial areas in the District of Columbia.

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