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DCCH is one of the few Small Business Technical Assistance (SBTA) organizations providing free training workshops for small business startups and existing businesses in the District of Columbia.

Business innovation and technology
level the playing field for both old and new businesses


Jumpstart your future with free entrepreneurship classes!


Startup Saturday Entrepreneurship Classes

DCCH leveraged its partnership with XediaLabs to provide Lean Startup classes, offering development and mentorship to the local community.


Starting a new business can feel extremely daunting. DCCH helps residents navigate the process through our 10-week Startup Saturday Entrepreneurship classes, designed to help you get your business moving forward from idea into generating revenue.

No reading textbooks, case studies or developing papers!

DCCH, in partnership with Dr. Legand Burge and Dr. Grant Warner of the College of Engineering and Architecture at Howard University, has created classes that will actively engage and challenge you with an immersive entrepreneurship curriculum that is evidence-based, fast-paced, and demanding. 

Plus, our entrepreneurship class are free!

Our Business Model Canvas will walk you through the process of setting up a business, determining a sales strategy, and utilizing technology to the fullest. 


Class participants are inspired to interact with industry and focus on developing a business.  Working together in teams, you will be prepared and equipped to “think outside the box.”

Answers are found in the marketplace shaped by the consumer, not in a lab or an office. Each team is charged with:

  • Interview key stakeholders to collect supporting evidence (customer discovery)

  • Support innovation meeting a core consumer need (product-market fit)

  • Identify a viable business model to grow the venture (business model fit)


You will be challenged by instructors to rapidly test your business hypotheses and assumptions, iterate and pivot based on collected evidence. Teams must defend whether they have identified a viable business model to scale and grow the venture using the Business Model Canvas.

You'll leave the class ready to turn your idea into a future.


Entrepreneurship is ownership, and ownership is community!



Myeasha Taylor
Startup and Launch program participant

"I feel motivated to share what I learn with other entrepreneurs and have been doing so since starting the class. I really enjoy their facilitation style and attention to the student's needs."

Ngoc Sinthorntham
Startup and Launch program participant
“In the last few classes, I learned how to identify key customers, test hypothesis and identify gains and pains for customer segments. This has really shifted my start-up's perspective.”
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