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Take your business to a new level with the Georgia Avenue Pop-Up Business Showcase. 


Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or an established small business, a "pop-up" is one of the best opportunities to get in front of potential customers and launch your brand. A pop-up event helps your business grow its profile and begin to generate real sales and a positive reputation.


The Georgia Avenue Pop-Up Business Showcase puts you together with other like-minded entrepreneurs and helps you build collaborative relationships. Small businesses grow when they build successful local networks, and the Showcase is a great way to get started, or move your company forward!

DCCH can show you how. 


Vendors AND community members are invited to participate for free.





What: The Development Corporation of Columbia Heights is excited to host two special “pop-up” events in July.


When: The first is on Saturday, July 13th, with a second event on Saturday, July 20th. Both events are from 11:00am to 3:00pm


Where: PEACE Lounge, 2632 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington DC, 20001.
(Get directions!) 

Connecting DC Gov and Small Businesses

The Pop-Up Business Showcase is a great venue for representatives from DC government's business development agencies to meet in-person with small business owners from Lower Georgia Avenue. Come out and meet the people who drive DC's economy forward!

Give your small business the kick-start and push forward it needs with DCCH's Pop-Up Business Showcase!

About DCCH

The Development Corporation of Columbia Heights (DCCH) understands the importance of small business owners and their significant impact in providing economic resources to the community. From creating new jobs for District residents to offering a variety of retail options for consumers, small business drives the local economy.


DCCH's Business Development Division offers new entrepreneurs and existing business owners support services, technical assistance and cutting-edge training in the Lean Startup methodology, specifically designed to expand the capacities of small businesses and aspiring startups along the Georgia Avenue Corridor and Columbia Heights.

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